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5th Grade

Contact Information

During our online class we can be contacted via email (we will respond within 24 hours) or DOJO. We will be available to answer questions, provide student help, and assist with any minor tech issues that may arise! 


Online Grading Policy 


  • 4 Above proficient standards  - Demonstrates higher level thinking and proficiency standards.

  • 3 Proficient - Demonstrates grade level standard.

  • 2 Below proficient standards - Demonstrates some understanding, but does not yet meet grade level standard.

  • 1 Far below proficient standards - Work does yet meet most grade level standards.

What is Synchronous Learning?

Synchronous Learning is learning that occurs in real time. Both the teacher and the students are online at the same time. Teachers may provide a mini lesson, demonstration, and/or problem for inquiry. It is not expected they are providing direct instruction for the entire synchronous learning block; they will support students as they interact with new learning and content.

Expectations for the Year

To the greatest extent possible, students’ day-to-day schedules will be designed to mirror an in-person setting. Students will be expected to log on at certain times for guided lessons, live instruction and group work. There will be scheduled breaks for lunch, recess, and teacher planning time.


             -Time Commitment: Students will spend between 2 and 4 hours each week on content area

             -Assignments: Approximately 1-4 per content area per week

             -Computer Based Activities: Attending class time, collaborating with classmates, reading, playing games,               listening to audio clips,  and watching video clips 

             -Offline Activities: Hand written work, projects, experiments


             -Time Commitment: Parents of elementary students should expect to spend a significant amount of time                supporting their time in remote learning

             -Assignments: Students will need support opening materials and completing and turning in assignments

             -Computer Based Activities: Assisting students when needed

             -Offline Activities: Parents and guardians will need to encourage their children to complete offline activities

Grading Policy

Grading will be similar to what students experience in a traditional learning environment. Additional details on grading protocols and processes for reporting progress will be shared soon.

Attendance Policy

Attendance will be taken and recorded daily. Students will most commonly be considered in attendance when they are online and attending a synchronous period of instruction, according to their schedule.  

5th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Eitel's Class

Subject: General Education
Looking forward to a great year!! Online Read Alouds  -    Read Alouds develop: comprehension, fluency, expression, vocabulary, receptive language skills, book to world...

Ms. Tyler's Class

Subject: General Education
Virtual Office Hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00-10:00 am Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-2:30pm Contact Information During our online class I can be contacted using the following methods. I will be available to answer questions, provide...