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In Person/Remote Learning Survey

September 11, 2020

Hello Stukey Families,

Please be aware that the superintendent’s proposal was made for families to have the option to return their scholars to school on Thursday, October 1st. It is crucial that families fill out the survey that was sent out by the district today by Monday, September 14th at 8:00 am. This survey will notify us of your decision.  

The decision is:

  • In-person Learning Option at Stukey Elementary    OR

  • Remote Learning Option

Below are the links to the survey in English and in Spanish:

Please read the following information about each option:

  • In Person Learning Option:

  •  Full time, five days/week in person with a certified Five Star teacher at Stukey Elementary. 

  • Classrooms will serve as cohorts.

  • Students will remain in their classroom cohort for the majority of the day and even when in large spaces with other cohorts (lunchroom, recess), each cohort will have a designated space for their group to assemble.

  • Classrooms will be set up to allow for at least 3 feet of distance between student desks/work areas.

    • Fewer students are expected given the number of families who have expressed interest in staying in the remote learning model, therefore allowing for classroom setup in a socially-distanced manner.

    • Specials will operate on a wheel schedule, working with the same group of students for multiple weeks at a time, minimizing the number of classes/cohorts per day/week.

  • Special populations will continue to be allowed to interact with specialist teachers (e.g. special education, ELL, GT) therefore allowing those students to be part of 2 cohorts.


  • Remote Learning Option: 

  • A full-time remote learning option taught by certified Five Star teachers will remain available for families who prefer that model based on need or preference.

Based on feedback from families and teachers, the elementary remote learning model launching Oct. 1 will be structured a little differently than it was for the start of the school year.

  • Remote learning will continue to be taught by certified Five Star teachers using an online curriculum.

  • Each day will include a half-day of synchronous (live, interactive and teacher-led) instruction, and a half-day of asynchronous (on-demand, self-paced) learning.

  • The synchronous portion of the day will include time for students to virtually learn and interact with their teacher and classmates. Synchronous learning time will include a combination of whole group instruction, interactive lessons and activities, and time for independent learning/reflection time. Similar to in-person learning schedules, teachers will build in time for breaks, movement activities, and small group activities based on the needs of their classroom of students.

  • Asynchronous learning takes place without real-time interaction. For example, students might have multiple days to complete assigned lessons, and progress at their own pace within that time frame.

  • Students enrolled in the K-5 full-time remote option will have the opportunity to practice skills learned, complete weekly assignments, and reflect on their learning during asynchronous learning time Monday through Friday.  In addition, students may also participate in scheduled small group instruction and/or receive intervention or enrichment support during this time as appropriate. The asynchronous times indicated on a schedule are simply recommendations. Students and families may follow an asynchronous schedule that works best for the needs of their child.


****Please note: Regardless of the learning model (in-person or remote learning) you choose, your child may not have the same teacher(s) that they currently have.