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ELD Specialist


Stukey proudly services a wide variety of languages and backgrounds through our English Language Development services.  In addition to the tremendous supports offered by your child's classroom teacher in their English language development, we provide an additional 45 minute pull out block for qualifying students who may need additional support in developing academic English in the four domains of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  


ELD is not graded like other content areas.  Each child comes to us with very different learning experiences and language background.  For this reason, ELD grades for writing and speaking English will be based on each student's growth from a baseline measurement.  For students who began the school year at Stukey, this baseline was taken at the beginning of the year.  For students who started the school year later, the baseline would be the first oral language and written language assessments given after the student started.  Grades on the report card will be numerical:

1 - little or no growth                           2 - some growth                       3 - good growth                     4 - exceptional growth

Students' writing and oral assessments will be scored using the WIDA writing and speaking rubrics.  It is important that each child do their best on every assignment, so we have an accurate picture of their growth.