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Ms. Brown's Class


Hi there! My name is Ms. Marisa Brown and I am so fortunate to be the art teacher at Stukey Elementary. I believe in Teaching for Artistic Behavior, a nationally recognized teaching philosophy that centers around student voice, choice, and increased engagement. I believe that each student is an artist. I believe our art room is their studio. And finally, I believe that each and every student can do what artists do. I ground my planning and instruction in the 2020 Colorado State Visual Arts Standards as well as the nationally renowned Studio Thinking (which encompasses both Studio Habits of Mind and Studio Structures). I strive to create a safe space and a caring community where all students feel welcomed and respected. I build relationships with students so I can know each individual by “Name, Strength, and Need”. I utilize this information to leverage their funds of knowledge and provide differentiation to meet their specific needs. In the art room at Stukey, my goal is for students are challenged, engaged, and supported so they can persevere to succeed in art and learn skills that will be useful in navigating their futures.


Art Remote Learning at Stukey Elementary

Stukey students are enrolled in an Art Schoology course. Scholars will interact with Florida Virtual School (FLVS) content through Schoology and by participating in live Google Meets (see grade level times below).

Each Art Schoology course has a clickable banner at the top to allow for easy navigation. Click the Join Class Meeting button to join remote art class at Stukey! Click the Daily Slides button to see applicable introduction slides and content for our daily lessons.  Click the Submit Your Art button to turn in pictures of your artwork to Ms. Brown. Click Back to Class to return to your classroom teacher's meeting at the end of specials class. See below for an example of the clickable banner in Schoology:

Contact me if you have questions!
Available via email, Class Dojo, or Zoom Meeting Invite.

Click the picture below to join Office Hours with Ms. Brown:

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