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1st Grade

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General Education

Hi first grade families! As we begin remote learning, we will be keeping this website and Class Dojo up to date with any new information. Please check regularly on Dojo messages, our Class Story and the website for all information. As we begin, please keep in mind that this is new for all of us. We are here to support you and your scholar in any way you need, but please have patience as we work through remote learning together.

Here are a few new policies that have come up with for remote learning:

Learning Platform: We will be using Seesaw as our remote learning platform. You will get a student code for your scholar to log in and complete assignments. All assignments will be given and received through this website/app. Please keep in mind that we will post assignments on a weekly basis, and once the week is over, old assignments will be removed to create space for the next week.

Grading: All assignments for the week will be posted on Sunday evening, and removed the following Friday. Your scholar will have one week to complete the assignments for that week. All assignments will be graded as pass/fail and are due Friday afternoon. Here is what a passing grade looks like versus a failing grade.



  • Completes 5 or more activities per week

  • Logs in to ST Math two times per week

  • Has not completed 5 activities on Seesaw

  • Has not logged in to ST Math two times

Attendance: Attendance will be taken on a weekly basis. We will take attendance on Friday afternoon based on the number of assignments your scholar completes. In order to get marked as "present", your child needs to complete a minimum of 5 assignments per week. Otherwise, they will be marked as "absent".

Teamwork: As your child's first grade teacher, you are an integral part of our team. This site, Seesaw and Class Dojo should help you to find information about what is happening in your child's classroom, keep you informed of important dates, and connect you to links that allow you to extend your child's practice and learning from home. Please visit frequently for the most up-to-date information. As a team, we are committed to keeping lines of communication open with all of our families. Here at Stukey we use Class Dojo, a behavior management and communication tool. Class Dojo is a very easy way to keep up on current events in the classroom and to check in on your students' respectful, responsible, caring and safe behaviors. Please ask your students' teacher for more information in getting signed up on Dojo! 

Office Hours: Your scholar's teacher will be available for two hours a day, Monday through Friday, to be on call, ready to help support you and your child in any way. Please see your teacher's website for specific office hour times. 

We are looking forward to the upcoming year with you and your scholar. If at anytime during the year you have any questions, please feel free to: e-mail, call or send a Dojo message to your students' teacher. Please check here monthly for the updated newsletter! 

Here's to a FABULOUS year!

Your First Grade Team, 

Mrs. Dragoo

Ms. S.

Ms. Trevino

Ms. Watson

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1st Grade Classrooms

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Ms. S's Class

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Welcome to Ms. S's.  online class. Here you will be able to find helpful links for at home learning and up to date information about our classroom. I'm looking forward to a great school year with your first grade scholars!

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