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Policies and Procedures


All of our expectations for the students are put into place to help teach and model
responsibility; a necessary skill for a successful future. If you have a concern, please visit with your child's teacher.


Our weekly folders are a very important​ communication tool between school and home. They contain the past week’s papers and miscellaneous school correspondence for the week. If you have any questions or concerns after viewing the folder with your child​, please call, email or write a short note and we'll get back to you. We are asking that you always sign and return​ the communication log in the Friday folder. Please be sure the folder is returned the following school day (Usually Mondays). It is essential we work together as a team to make your child‛s third grade experience the best it can be. Friday folders are an excellent way to facilitate home/school communication about the curriculum and individual progress. We do expect them to come back and forth between home and school each week.


To promote responsible work habits, we would recommend that each evening a period of time be set aside for homework. Establishing a routine (time and place) will promote a pattern of study habits that will influence student success throughout their school years. Homework reinforces and extends the work the children are doing in class and helps inform you about the kind of progress your child is making.

A homework folder/binder​ should come back and forth to school each day.​ Inside the folder you will find a monthly planner​ reminding students of their assignment and informing you of what your child has to do as homework that evening, for the week, and any future projects. It is essential that your student take the responsibility to finish their homework accurately and return it when it is due. We would like you to initial each night acknowledging that you have reviewed it with your child.

There will also be a daily behavior chart showing you your student did that day.  Please initial every day.

Math:​ Practicing math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are an “on-going” type of homework. As a third grader, it is imperative​ that your child learns their basic facts so more complex math operations will be easier for them. Please use the Family Letters for each unit to find helpful ideas for homework and activities to do with your child. Math ‘Home Links’ will be sent home as lessons are completed. It is expected that the math links are returned to school the next day.

Reading:​ Reading for enjoyment is strongly encouraged as a home activity. It is essential to help your child develop the best possible reading skills. We‛re sure you would agree that reading is an extremely important subject, because it is a key to success in other academic areas. Those who read, succeed! During the school day, the students have numerous reading experiences. To continue your child‛s growth in reading, it is necessary that he/she reads at home and makes books an important part of his/her life. It is required​ that each student read some sort of literature each night at home for a minimum of 20 minutes. Please sign your child‛s reading log so we know they completed the daily assignment. Each month students will also set reading goals and work to achieve them.

Social Studies & Science:​ Various work papers and reading from the topic being studied will be sent home to help reinforce information being presented at school. Studying for tests is very important. Please check your child‛s planner for test dates.

In addition, any work that does not get completed during the time given in class will be considered homework to be finished that night at home and returned the next day. This assignment should be noted in their spiral bound planner, which is in their homework folder.


In order to create a positive, safe learning environment that promotes maximum learning in our classroom, we will develop rules to guide us. We want to focus on positive behavior in our classes in many different ways!

● Class:​ When all of the students are on task, we will give warm fuzzies, marbles or links to put in the bucket. When the bucket is filled, the class will vote on a reward.

● Teams:​ When students are sitting in teams, we will give them points for participating, being on task, and following directions. The winning team will get to choose out of the prize bin every week or have a special lunch with the teacher. Points will also be awarded in class dojo for teamwork.

● Individual:​ This year we will be using ClassDojo which gives students positive and
negative points. This is an online system where families will be able to view their child‛s points. We will send home more information soon about how to access your account.

● In Mrs. Akerson‛s and Ms. Frankmore’s class​, we will be using our Dojo points to shop in a classroom store weekly. Students will be able to earn many great prizes!

● Students will need to attend Second Opportunity for Success (SOS) on Friday after school for missing school work, missing homework, or misbehaving.


The intermediate team (3rd -5th grade) will have SOS on Friday after school from 2:30 –3:30. Students who have not completed their homework, classwork, or who have had a serious consequence during the week, will be required to attend. The teacher will contact the parent to get permission for the child to attend.


Regular and prompt attendance at school is extremely important. Students will be allowed to make up work if absent; however, it cannot replace the value of instructional time with the teacher. Students will have the same number of days to complete their work as the number of days they were absent, plus one more. The first bell rings at 7:25 a.m. Teachers will be at the back door waiting to greet students and start them on their day. Unfortunately, this is not a time to talk with parents. Please set up a separate time to speak with your child‛s teacher. Students must be in the classroom by 7:45 a.m. or they are counted tardy. Breakfast will also be served during this time.


Students may bring birthday treats if they wish. Please make sure they are finger treats. Please do not send in drinks. Treats must be healthy per district requirements.​ Summer birthdays may be celebrated anytime during the year. Please talk with your child‛s teacher to arrange a day. Treats will be passed out at the end of the day.


Third grade testing involves reading, writing and math assessments at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. There will be a Colorado State assessment given in March. We (the teachers, you as the parents and the students themselves) will spend all year preparing to achieve a proficient/advanced score in reading, writing and math. All of the state tests are completed on the computer.

Whenever you have a question or concern about your child, please call, send a note, email or stop to visit. We‛ll do the same with you. We‛re looking forward to a great year in third grade! 

Nicole Akerson

Ciera Frankmore

Nathan Pickens       

Office phone  720-972-5420