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4th Grade

General Education

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Welcome to 4th Grade!  We are very excited to be working with your students!  We have many exciting activities and projects planned for this year.  Here is what will be expected from your students by the end of the year:


We like to challenge our students in innovative ways by integrating social studies, math, and science into literacy projects. We will be completing many book projects and reading responses with our literature.  This year students will also be held accountable to write in complete sentences in reading and writing.  Our goal is to create excited readers and writers. Independent reading is the number one thing you can do to become a better reader!


Students are working at their own pace and level with supports from technology, teachers, and peers. Basic math facts are always a great way to practice math!

Social Studies

In 4th grade we focus on Colorado and the changing culture of its people through time. 


Students learn through hands on activities and experiments.  We learn about: Energy, the Solar System, Organisms and Ecosystems, and Fossils and Rock Layers

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