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Digital Literacy

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Here is a link to access eBooks from home! Just click on the link to get started. Both the username and the password are ste. Have fun reading!

This year Stukey Elementary is taking part in a global event called the Hour of Code! Students will be given the opportunity to write their own code for Star Wars, Minecraft, or Frozen! - Star Wars - Minecraft - Frozen

Here is a link to access all of the options the Code website has to offer!

Stukey Elementary is committed to using technology to reach and engage students in a truly customizable way. We are living in a hyper-connected world and digital fluency is amongst the top five most important job skills.

We are transforming our school by using online technology to not just supplement, but to transform and improve the learning process. Hybrid education material becomes dynamic when it reaches students of varying learning styles.

In addition to the ongoing emphasis on Internet safety and digital citizenship, all students will learn to access and use information and technology in a variety of formats. 

Here are some links to high quality search engines for kids!

Kids Search


Here is a link for MAP Reading practice: 

MAP Reading

Mouse Skills:

Pebble Go