Rockies Ticket orders are due May 7th

Listed below are the Colorado Rockies games Stukey is selling tickets for.  The price is $5.00 each.  The school makes $1.00 off each ticket sold.  Please return this form with your money to the Main Office.  You may also stop in the office and pay with a credit card.

Name___________________________________   Teacher______________________________

Date                                           Number of Tickets                                                                    
May 26th CIN 7:10pm                   _______________                         
May 28th SF 5:10pm                      _______________                        
June 9th ARI 5:15pm                     _______________                        
June 18th NYM 6:40pm                _______________                         
July 2nd SF 6:40pm                          _______________                          
July 10th ARI 6:40pm                      _______________                          
Aug 6th PIT 6:40pm                         _______________                          
Aug 9th LAD 6:40pm                        ______________
Aug 21st SD 6:40pm                      ________________
Sept 3rd SF 1:10pm                       ________________
Sept 9th LAD 1:10pm                  ________________
Sept 10th ARI 6:40pm                  ________________                   
Sept 25th PHI 6:40pm                 _________________
Total #tickets                 _______________________
Total amount paid with order ________________

All orders and money are due in the Main Office by May 7th