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Principal Letter

Stukey Community,

It’s an honor and privilege to be the principal of our amazing school, Stukey Elementary, home of the Stingers! At our school, we focus on knowing the name, strength and need of each and every scholar. Our mission statement is: At Stukey Elementary, we work with our community, to create a caring environment that empowers scholars to persevere and succeed in life!

 At Stukey Elementary we take pride in:

*Scholars that are resilient, hard-working, creative and committed

*Staff members that are extremely knowledgeable, data driven, caring and have a growth mindset

*Parents/guardians that want what is best for their students, want them challenged, and want them to succeed

*A world class office staff that is inviting, professional and will absolutely take care and/or assist anyone that walks into our building

*An extremely safe and secure building that is well maintained and welcoming

*Administrators that focus on scholars' best interests, supporting all staff members, and dedicated to the Stukey community

I am truly honored to be the principal of Stukey Elementary.  I am blessed to be here with my Assistant Principal, Helen Butts, where we live by our motto of “Every Scholar, Every Day”   I'd like to encourage you to contact us any time with questions, comments, ideas, or compliments.  I look forward to serving our scholars and working with you all! Stukey Shines!!


Deborah Voelker